Jacquie’s healthy holiday experience

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Not everyone’s cup of tea

My most recent trip certainly won’t appeal to everyone it was a Longevity wellness break at a Thalassa and Medical Spa in Portugal.

Before the trip
I am health conscious, a non meat eater I eat healthily most of the time but I do enjoy wine and chocolate, and while I try to keep fairly fit and active I am aware that my mostly office based routine isn’t ideal.
Before we went I was wary of what the many tests and treatments on the Longevity break might reveal and unsure that I’d have the energy for the multiple activities on offer without eating.

Food and drink

A low calorie or detox break is not compulsory, the restaurants and bars are excellent but it was a great opportunity to try a detox break.

A typical day started with a dark purple juice and every 2 hours we were given either a bowl of soup, a healthy smoothie or colourful juice mix, all were delicious and we had a constant supply of alkaline water and unlimited herbal infusions. While we didn’t feel hungry it felt strange dressing up for a dinner that would only consist of soup but we had good social evenings regardless.

Activities and treatments
There is a huge range of activities on offer all run by professional staff, including Yoga, Pilates, Power hikes, Beach walks, various exercise classes as well as Meditation and Aqua Pilates among others and a well equipped gym.

The treatments are tailored to your personal programme and on the detox plan ours included a Personal health check, Biophysical evaluation, Osteopathy session, Exfoliation, Lymphatic drainage massage and various therapies in special baths.


Vilalara is a 5* property 40 minutes from Faro airport and in a stunning clifftop setting. With beautiful extensive gardens and several pools there is plenty of space inside and out for relaxation. I saw all the room types and much preferred some to others, I think it would be important to advise on the best room type to suit each client.

My experience
The detox break is just one of many varying programmes offered by Vilalara Longevity. If felt like a personally designed body MOT. I was tested via questionnaires, by humans and machines to get a complete picture of my overall health. Following this we had a consultation with a nutritionist and a doctor to go over our results (mine are below for anyone interested) and get advice as to what changes we should incorporate into our daily lives for optimum health. I can honestly say I felt completely refreshed and revitalised after the break and would definitely return on a personal holiday.

Wellbeing Escapes

I visited Vilalara Longevity in association with Wellbeing Escapes who have chosen me as one of their selected Travel Agents to sell their varied Wellbeing holiday programme. I have a particular interest in Wellbeing Holidays and have also visited The Body Holiday in St Lucia and Lefay in Italy as well as Raw Horizons in North Yorkshire..

My results for those who are interested.;

To my surprise and delight my metabolic age was 40, almost all results were good or normal but they showed a slight deficiency in Magnesium and Iodine and a slightly high level of Aluminium. My familial high cholesterol which I was aware of, was highlighted as my main health issue.