Arctic deck chairs

Jacquie Cole Blog

Lying in a deck chair at midnight swaddled in a fur hat, puffa coat and blankets to protect against the Arctic temperatures doesn’t seem like an attractive prospect, let alone a top ten life experience, but add in the Northern Lights and it is suddenly high up on many people’s wish lists.

I was fortunate enough to experience the lights myself last March while sailing from Tromso in Norway on a Hurtigruten Arctic voyage.

Despite having travelled extensively through Switzerland and New Zealand two of my favourite countries, I was overwhelmed by the stunning scenery of Norway. Its not just the sight of beautiful mountains and fjords but the clarity of the air and accompanying sense of peace that makes for a unique experience.

It was incredibly relaxing and within a couple of days, lying in an Arctic deck chair in the freezing cold at midnight, my senses heightened by the anticipation at seeing the lights, seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

Winter in the north is generally a good time, and the northern part of Norway one of the most affordable and accessible areas,  from the UK , to view the lights

Researchers have discovered that auroral activity is cyclic, peaking roughly every 11 years. The next peak period is 2013 and Hurtiguten are now on sale, please conctact me if you are interested in more information.